by the glass

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where would I put it?   
A: WHEREVER YOU WANT!  Designs are available in a variety of colors to accommodate either windows or wall space.

Q: How do I hang it?   
A: I recommend eye hooks and chain. I provide the eye hooks. Chain is available at any hardware store.

Q: Can I put stuff in the bottle?   
A: YES! They’re great for fresh cut flowers, plant cuttings, marbles, beach sand, sea glass, beads, etc. Just don’t put anything heavy in it.

Q: Can I provide my own bottle?   
A: Yes…. as long as you’re willing to take a chance on it breaking. Very few break, but it happens occasionally. If your bottle is of any monetary value, I don't recommend it. If it’s of great sentimental value, I would only do it if you are comfortable with the possibility that it may break.

Q: Can I provide my own window?   
A: Yes! If the window still has the old glass in it or is very dirty, a reasonable fee will be added for removing the glass and cleaning it up.
Q: Are you interested in purchasing old windows/bottles?   
A: I spend very little on bottles and windows. If you’re trying to sell yours for a reasonable profit, I’m not your best option. However, I am usually willing to barter, so if you want to trade them for a stained glass piece, that is a possibility.

Q: Do you sell gift certificates?   
A: Yes, in any amount you want. I can take a credit card by phone and mail it.