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In May of 2005, I became a cancer survivor. Before cancer, my "Someday I’d like to…” list was at the bottom of my priority list, below the pressures and concerns of everyday life.  In May of 2005, I re-prioritized.

 I took the stained glass class that had been on my list for way too many somedays. Then I moved on to another “someday…” item, and started a small company. By business standards, ‘by the glass’ is a very, very small company. By survivor standards, it is a celebration of not letting everyday life get in the way of living every day.

If life is getting in the way of your someday list, please take time to reprioritize.

Contact me for a quote on a custom order or to purchase a piece from inventory. 

Payment methods include cash, check or credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover)

Shipping is not included, and will be charged at the actual rate, including insurance. If you live in Southern Maine, we can coordinate pick up or delivery.

Beckie Kier